How does one take the value returned by and turn it into an image?

I’ve tried

ImgB = image(

ImgB = image(DATA ,

ImgB,width,ImgB.height, = ImgA,width,ImgA.height,

The first two give errors and the third one seems to do nothing. What am I missing?

I haven’t really thought about the image(data) function listed in the manual. I guess when doing what you are doing in the code above I have used image copy. Will image copy do what you want?

Image data can be saved as local/global/project data- images cannot. I need the data itself.

I’ve been considering writing an image string maker myself but if there is already a built in capability that is more efficient I see no good reason to

From what I see in the documentation, doesn’t exist as an accessor. I just tried it and it returns nil on every image. I believe this function is basically for creating images from downloaded png / jpeg data in binary format. As it requires binary data, setting the binary data into a string holder designed to hold bytes rather than bits would be extremely inefficient anyway. I believe you will want to write your own exporter or think about using writeImage and LoadImage.

Ok, thanks.