How to make the screen react to a touch?

What do you type to make the user be able to touch the screen and have the whole screen change? Please help!

What do you type in? I looked at codea, clicking that eye or whatever it is, but I don’t know which one it is.

You must make a function that changes the screen to what you want: myFunc(). Then :


@Abbie Congrats on your 1st post. If you do a forum search for Menu, you’ll see a lot of examples where a button is pressed and another screen is shown. That’s pretty much what’s involved in touching the screen and the whole screen changing.

@Abbie Depends where you’re typing, search bar or codea editor?

Codea editor

Abbie Could you go into more detail about what you’re trying to do. You said you’re in the Codea editor. Are you trying to write a program, or you wrote a program but it’s not doing what you want. It’s hard to figure out what you’re doing or want to do. The more detail you can put in your post, the more info we have to give you an answer.

@Abbie here is a small example I made, with comments.

function setup()


function draw()


--This function checks if the user touches the screen, the results are returned under the "t" for example, if I wanted to know how many times the user tapped the screen, then I type t.tapCount
function touched(t)



What do you mean ? @abbie.

Btw. Welcome :slight_smile: