How to make ios apps able to be installed via safari?

Hey everyone, maybe you’ve already heard of some emulators for ios like gba4ios (
This is an app you have to install via your web browser and I wondered if we could do the same with codea projects.
I searched everywhere but never found anything so I’ll pose my question here… It would be great to share your apps with friends and family without having to wait for the app to be reviewed by apple and without having to pay the $99 fee. (At least, I hope it’s free, I have no idea how this is done or if it is even possible)
So if you can help me with this in any way, then thank you :slight_smile:

lol! I think you cant.

I believe it has something to do with an enterprise Apple dev account, but I’m not sure.

Look up ad-hoc testing/testflight.

Actually you still need the apple dev account I think.

I guess if all your friends had an ipad 2+ and codea you could send them the code…