How to included my project in the itunes store?

Hy guys,

Imjust bought the codea app, and create my first game.

How now i can create my app file and then send to applestore? Its possible?


I already extract the codea folder, from my project to my computer, and now how I can create my app in the appstore?

@Feraso25, Welcome to Codea forum!

  1. You’ll need a Mac or Rent a Mac from
  2. You’ll need to get Codea Runtime Library from here:

Tks Georgian.

Sorry, im new in this part, can you give more details about this 2 new neede resources?

The first one, Mac, i access the webpage and saw that i have a free option, using this its ok for me?

The second one, Codea Runtime Library, this one is to I convert my Codea Project in a app file, correct? and then if i need to send to appstore, I need to pay US$ 99 (year) to apple?


@Feraso25, As far as I notice you do not have a Mac, no problem, use macincloud.

I also not have a Mac, Some time ago i used macincloud.

Next I will tell you what you need to do:

  • 1. Access macincloud, register on this website and then select a plan. Free Web Account is test only proposes. Pay-as-You-Go it's pretty good, because converting a game does not take much time, maybe 1-2h. Once you have registered on this website, pay with your credit card and then you can access your Mac from Windows or iPad following the instructions from here: Knowledge Base
  • 2. You'll need to get Codea Runtime Library from here: and following the instructions from here: Codea Runtime Library - See the section Setup
  • 3. And of course you need to pay US$ 99 (year) to apple for iOS Developer Account from here: iOS Dev Center, because you'll need to get from here a certificate in order to compile you game to be .ipa and then open from Mac app called Application Loader to upload your App to App Store.
Of course, it's more complicated. It is possible to get stuck somewhere. Be careful and document it before you make any payment by card. Why? You must know how to use a Mac.

Excellent posts @Georgian! Many thanks and congratulations.

Man, @Georgian, thanks for this info. I have been borrowing my brother’s Mac to test the API, and thinking about spending serious money to buy a Mac. With this website, I can put off that purchase for a while and still release my apps.

Excellent info, many thanks!

Can someone explain please how to implement in-app purchase in a Codea game? I am planing to publish a free game but with the option to buy extra content from the App Store.

any people know how to have ads?

@LightDye and @veeralp - in-app purchase and iAds aren’t available in Codea. As @Simeon mentioned in another post you would need to overlay another view in Objective C and do all the Apple related stuff in iTunes connect. If you don’t know Objective C it would be a bit tricky.

Probably easier to just do a free restricted version and a paid full version.

@Reefwing hmmm. never thought of that. could probably remove some game modes I have right now and put them into the paid

And I guess that if I publish the extra content in a website and get it with my app using HTTP requests, let’s say after the user buys it via PayPal for example, Apple wouldn’t approve it, would it?

@LightDye that’s correct. Any additional non-physical purchases in your app must be sold through Apple’s In-App-Purchase mechanism.

Thanks @Simeon for clarifying. And thanks @Georgian and @Reefwing for your suggestions. Most likely I will publish 2 versions, a free restricted one and a paid full one as per @Reefwing suggestion. That seems to be the way to go for me since I’m still very new to Apple world, new to Lua and Codea and don’t want to put my hands on Objective C just yet. This is just a commuting hobby for me.