How to import image from my Camera/Moments/etc?

I just bought Codea ScratchPad, did not yet figure out how to import an image from my device. Sorry if this has already been asked but I have bad eyes and your website is really hard to see

@xThomas After you create a new project, in your code add the statement
a=readImage(). Tap in between the () and an asset list will show. Tap Documents and at the top will be an option to Add from photos. Tap that and it should show you images from your photos.

And how to import image from camera in-game. So you can select local Images and use them into a table, etc.

you can’t import from your picture library during a game, but you can take pictures with the camera and use them (see the demo app)

Will the ability be added?

NO. :o

Please stop pushing for extra features, and try to learn something about Lua/Codea.

With pasteboard.image one can also access an image on the pasteboard.