How to Extrakt a Photo/Data from codea to photos or something else?

So i want to make an app what have to change the Tastature like emoji ( the app what makes that you can send Smileys ) so the Question is, how can i make that a Photo or somthing Else is in the Tastature so the Text or the Photo has been Shot or written by my app. So the app just have to copy it into the Tastature.

It World be nice if Someone could help me or send me a link Where the Code Stands.

Sry if the englisch isnt Fine but im from Germany and my ipad is Always changing my english words into sth German.


I couldn’t quite understand what you were trying to say. Do you have the English keyboard on? (Settings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Add new keyboard…>English) You might also try turning off auto-correct. (Settings>General>Keyboard>Auto-correction>off)
Anyways, from what I could tell that you were saying, your looking for something like the setContext() function which draws into an image… I’d give y a better explanation if I could have a little more clear info.
Edit: You might also try Google Translate… It only has bad grammar.

Ok that’s much better now.
So I want to make an app that can shoot photos.= easy
The idea is that I make something like emoji only with photos I have taken by myself. So I can send them like the smileys in emoji. So the problem is when I take the photo it isn’t saved (nearly the same code like in the example of camera). So when I take another photo the old one is deleted. That’s the first problem. Second: when it is saved I want to crop or edit them so you can see more details when you send it to another person. Third: I want the photo that I have just made and processed will be inserted into the keyboard. Like in emoji so I can send “smileys” which are saying more than the winning.

Hope now it is clear.
Thank you in advance.