How does applyForce/linearVelocity work in physics

I understand it accelerates the object when you apply the force and the linearVelocity sets the velocity of the object butttttt…

Is it pixel for pixel? If not what is it?

Example: self.ball.linearVelocity = vec2(200,0)

Does the ball go east at a rate of 200 pixels/ second or what is the conversion from velocity to pixels if there is one

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@Invader3rZIM I believe it’s pixels per second. As for …vec2(200,0), It moves the object to the right at 200 pps. Using vec2(200,200), that moves it 200 pps to the right and up.

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Just to get back on topic… I think it’s 200 metre/second, but there is a setting in physics that says how many meters per pixel. It defaults to 32 metres is 1 pixel. You can change that scale with

physics.pixelToMeterRatio( ptmRatio )

So you can do big physics on smaller screens… or tiny physics on big screens. Of course you do the drawing so you could scale it yourself anyway.