How do you wrap a image around a 2d block?

How do you wrap a image around a 2d block?
I can already add more than one 2d object but can’t wrap a image around them.

Please Help

So you want to rotate the picture? Use rotate for it.

I know that but how do you get a picture on the object?

Do you mean spriting a picture into the project?

What is a “2d block”? A square? Are you using sprite, a mesh with setRect? You need to be a bit more specific, else no-one can understand what you mean. Posting a bit of code always helps.

Oh @yojimbo2000, I thought I’m the onliest who doesn’t care what we are speaking about…

Thank you yojimbo2000
So what I mean is how do you make a image that’s shaped as a square become shaped as a circle if that makes sense

This makes sense! You are triying to make a sprite as a photo or something other to make an ellipse ground…

Yes TokOut that’s what I mean. Do you know how to do it?

You mean create a circular mask? Try this thread: