How do you set the sidebar output window's height?

I’m working on this program and I was just wondering how you would set the amount of the output window you see when you run the program from the get go without having to manually adjust it.

sidenote: when you publish an app made with Codea does the end user still have access to the sidebar?

There isn’t any function to set the size of the output window yet, but it might be a nice feature. Also, the sidebar is still visible when you publish an app, unless you call displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS), which hides the sidebar and all buttons from Codea completely.

I think of the sidebar as something meant for debugging or use in utilities shared with other Codea users rather than with end users on the App Store.

if the output and console windows of the sidebar could be disabled, i think the sidebar UI elements would be useable even for published apps.