How did you find out about Codea?

Hi guys! I just wanted to know, how did you guys learn about codea? For me, it was in a local newspaper where Cerner was going to do a summer camp with it.

I just looked for a programming app in the App Store.

I can’t remember, but it was a GOOD day :x

App advice after one of Codea’s updates. I think it was 1.3. I’ve used it every single day since.

Same as EpicPotato.

AppAdvice like Brairfox, the first article they published about it got me interested, I did more research, and took the plunge.

Mmmm… I saw it the first day i got my new ipad 1. But i didnt have any money so i leaved it for while, but a year later i bought it and the last few moths i have been learning

I was also looking for programming tools in the app store. I had actually passed it by at first, since I was looking for something that would write c# or maybe Java code, since I didn’t want to have to learn a new language.

I finally picked it up after looking at this site and some Lua examples. As it turns out, Lua is extremely quick to learn, if you know practically any other language, and the Codea in-app reference is very good, so I was able to build a productive application just a couple hours after buying the program.

Okay, so my “productive application” is just a function plotter, but hey - sine wave!!

I stumbled across Codea while looking for coding apps.