How can we put our Codea programme into a web page?

How can we put our Codea programme into a web page?

We can’t. Try JavaScript.

Some kind of codea player would be great, I miss that. There’s just no sharing of simple programs except for a youtube vid (which defeats the whole interactive bit) or a very costly apple store dev acount. There’s so much awesome just stuck on everybodies local tablet.

There’s just no sharing of simple programs

Post code in a gist, or in the forum (if it’s short enough).

Outside of Codea users, or even outside of apple’s universe, with the world at large I mean. Nowadays everybody owns some sort of touch device+internet, but few of those have ever experienced the many wonderful Codea creations. The tech is all there, but the bridge is out…

I have an idea, only an idea, have not confirmed.
There is a framework called openframeworks(, its program struct is very similar with Codea: setup(), draw(), etc.
And it has a lua addons called ofxLua, so the 1st step we may rewrite our codea code to openframeworks(change the codea function name to the openframeworks function name, the logic flow need not to be changed); then openframeworks provide another addons called ofxEmscripten which can translate openframeworks code to html5. So the 2nd step is to use the ofxEmscripten to translate the ofxLua code to html5.

um, does it have Box2D and OpenGL?

@Ignatz OpenGL is supported directly, Box2D has a addons(ofxbox2d, it is easy to use.

Openframeworks is a C/C++ framework, include below :
OpenGL?GLEW?GLUT?libtess2?cairo - graphic?
rtAudio?PortAudio?OpenAL?Kiss FFT?FMOD - audio input/output/analyze?
FreeType - font?
FreeImage - image save and load?
Quicktime?GStreamer?videoInput - video play/capture?
Poco - network?
OpenCV - ?
Assimp - load 3D model

It is very very easy to compile and run on my Mac and Raspberry Pi 2B(Debian OS).


Visual Studio/XCode/Eclipse/Code::Blocks

The code struct is like bellow( more similar with Processing than Codea):

#include “myOF.h”

void myOF::setup(){


void myOF::update(){


void myOF::draw(){


void myOF::keyPressed(int key){


function document: