Hi, questions for you

I just discovered Codea in the App Store,I’ve not bought it yet as I wanted to read up on it first.
I am a beginner coder but this really appeals to me but I have questions.

is it possible to upload created projects so others can play them and rate them?
It would be awesome to download some examples and then work hard and upload my effort to show others :slight_smile:

(I cannot put on App Store as I have a PC and no mac and I can’t afford one for just this)

Yes, you can. Codea has a feature that allows you to quickly copy all the code in a project and post it somewhere (forums, GitHub, whatever). Then, users can copy it and quickly paste it into Codea (with all the code split into tabs). About publishing apps on a PC, you can buy an old version of Snow Leapord and virtualized it in something like VirtualBox.
If you get Codea, won’t regret it.

About publishing apps on a PC, you can buy an old version of Snow Leapord and virtualized it in something like VirtualBox.

That’s against Apple’s EULA. You are only allowed to run Mac OS on Mac hardware.

It would be awesome if Codea ipad owners could upload and share their creations.

is this possible now or in future updates? Since I cannot put my creations on the app store, this is a big deal to me especially as I have yet to buy, if I cannot share my creations maybe I’ll skip. no offence to the devs but just making something for myself only seems a little pointless?

This forum is full of example programs either pasted directly in the forum or linked on other free sites such as gist.github or pastebin and it’s easy to copy and paste these back into codea

Thank you for the info.

One last question, I’m close to buying but not totally set yet, is there a demo or trial I can see before I make the purchase?

Thank you all

Edit: not sure if its possible but something like a code for a limited timed demo would help sway my mind.

Well I am also a beginner in programming and I had doubts about purchasing Codea and after started using it I was totally satisfied with it. I recommend it especially to people who want to learn programming in a fast and fun way. There are many helpful programmers in the forum who answer all your questions and I think it is really fun to be able to make programs on the iPad.

Just be aware that those you wish to share with also need a copy of Codea.

Thanks :slight_smile:

another question I can’t find an answer for when I search the forums.

If I bought Codea and made a game I like on my ipad2, is it possible to make that game a standalone icon on my ipad? or would I only be able to play it if I ran it through Codea?

(I don’t have a mac, so I would be soley using my ipad2)

Would be cool to have seperate icons for any games I made :slight_smile:

You can run it through codea only until you go through the steps to make it to the App Store as long as I know.

Thank you

That’s a shame :frowning:

@Mene I believe @Simeon has mentioned the possibility of allowing something like this in the future — similar to the way Safari can save a web page as an icon.

That would be ideal for people like me who want to make their own games but have no way of publishing them on the app store, call me silly but I’d much prefer to have my finished games have their own icon rather than running them all via Codea.

Still on the fence about this.
I really want it but the fact that I cant made standalone icons on my ipad2 is holding me back, well that and the price, I’m hoping for a sale. Hah

But really, I don’t want to have to run all my things through codea, no offence to the devs.
Its just that if for instance I made a small game for the wife, it would be good if she could load it without going through codea.

I’ll keep my eye on future developments. …and the price :wink:

@Mene I would get it. I know the price seems a bit steep but once you have it for a little while, i can almost guarantee that you will be happy with the purchase. Plus, running apps through Codea really is not a big inconvenience…

You can use the Codea runtime if you have a developer ID (or, as the tiny devil in my head is saying, jailbreak) to install it. Codea is also probably getting a URL scheme, so you can add it to your home screen and it will automatically open the app in Codea like it’s a real app.

Like I said above, I have no mac, nor friends with one so that is out.

I’ll keep an eye on it and see what develops, it may be too complex for me anyway, jeez it took me 3-4 years to get a grip on BBC basic in the 80’s :wink: