Helpful Lua prompt (in browser)

I have recently found a site called , and it has Lua! I use it to test pieces of math related code so that I don’t have to set up codea’s classes or break my existing code. I hope you find this helpful!


@CNCode - you may not be aware, but you can have multiple copies of functions in Codea, and Codea will compile them from left to right, overwriting any duplicates, which means the last one gets to run.

So I usually set up a Test tab on the right of each project, with an empty setup and draw function, and comment them out. Then when I want to test a bit of code, I uncomment my test functions and try out my code in them. This is handy because you can use your test code to try out any of the functions or classes in your project.

@ignatz Oh! I never knew that! Will it run all files left to right?