Help With Flappy Bird Game

I am a beginner with programming and using Lua and Codea. This is my version of a flappy bird game and it is one of the bigger projects I have done so far using Codea. My main purpose for creating this was to help myself with learning the language of Lua and to help me learn how to use Codea better. It is a pretty basic code, but my intent was to create a game like this that functions properly. Does anybody have any suggestions or ways that I could improve this?


@bfisher, first, welcome to the forum!

This is very good for a beginner. You’ve got a lot in there, from different states, to scrolling scenery and touch controls, and nobody could complain about lack of documentation!

I think gameplay would be easier if you based up and down movement on sliding the finger up and down rather than having to touch the screen repeatedly. For example, instead of this

--instead of this
if touch.state==BEGAN then birdSpeed=15
--try something like this
if touch.state==MOVING then birdSpeed=5

So you can simply move your finger anywhere on the screen to make the bird fly higher.

Nice job! =D>

I can’t get thru the second opening. Maybe you could make the amount the bird rises and falls small in the beginning and increase it as the game goes along. Nice job.

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried basing the up and down movement on sliding the finger up and down but it seemed to make gameplay more difficult. I also changed it so that the height of the jump increases as the game goes along. Thanks for the help!

I went back and used tables, after I learned about them, in my code to control the pipes and clouds. My intent was to just be able to use the concept of tables in the game that I had already created. Are there any ways that this could be improved?