Help request: saveImage() and Export

I exported my project to Xcode using the new export function in 1.5.2 (which is amazing BTW, great job) and when running the project in the iOS Simulator i noticed that the function "saveImage" does not work. Has anyone else noticed this? It might just be an error on my side... Thanks for any help

Hi @JakAttak, unfortunately saveImage() is not currently supported in the Runtime due to the way the app data is bundled, we’ll look into ways to get it to work as soon as we can.

Hi @John, Thank you for the response. Is there another way to get an image saved? Because my app allows you to take a picture of yourself to be the character and to do so it saves it as a “Documents: Custom”

@JakAttak it should work if you remove the Documents.spritepack/ from the Xcode project. saveImage should correctly save to the Documents/ directory if the Documents.spritepack/ folder is not found.

Let me know how you go on this.

Does this mean that saveImage() targetted at ANY spritepack will fail? ( I would expect it to).