Help put the game.

Dear users Codea! I almost completed the game (the remaining months) and I promise I’ll send the program Codea 10.000 $ for the excellent stability of the application. Only I have a few questions. The first question, the program leaves a blot in the form of “made in Codea” how to avoid them? Otherwise, I just do not send money to the program, releasing their game through another program. More global issues there, but I do not know how to do cloud save, you can help me on this, but in a different debate. Thank you in advance.

Wrt “Made in Codea” are you talking about video capture, or the app launch screen once you export to Xcode?

To save on clouds, you’ll need set this on member center and create on Xcode a function in Objective-C/Swift to do this.

Nowadays, Codea doesn’t support cloud services

Thank you all, as well as the most ordinary slelat save the game when you start to renewed progress?

Try using saveLocalData()

For the made with codea image, I’m assuming you’re talking about the launch image, you can make your own and put them in (its in images.xcassets), and if if it’s for ios 8 and higher you can use a launch screen which scales to all screen sizes (a quick Google search will help you). If it’s for ios 7 (or lower) and above, you can use a launch screen which will be used for ios 8 and above, but must also supply launch image for lower os versions.

Hope this helps!