Since the last update suddenly the camera image in the shader ripple effect is flipped upside down !

So not rotated 180 degrees, left right is ok but up down is switched. This is the case for both front and back camera.

Can you guys at the controls please fix this ?

Thanks for your great work.


You can work around it by doing 1.0 - texCoord.y instead of just texCoord.y in the shader. If the shader could also be a normal image you could pass it a boolean uniform and if it…

.@Simeon mentioned this would be fixed in a future one

.@eriksw the previous release of Codea had the shaders inverting the y texture coordinate, as @spacemonkey mentioned. You can recreate this behaviour now to “fix” the camera being flipped.

Thanks for your help. Although I don’t see texCoord in the example code, it works if you change the size y-value to negative.