Hi, I’m new to this forum and to Codea. I’ve bought this app a couple of day ago, after trying cargo bot (wow, I’ve really enjoyed it!) and I’ve spent some time reading interesting posts on this forum. I’m very glad to see a lot of capable people involved in this project with ideas, suggestion and a lot of codes and examples. I really like Codea, I love to have a powerfull tool for fast game prototype directly on iPad. So… hi to everybody, hope to share a lot with you all.

Welcome to the forums! Can’t wait to see what you make! And FYI, Codea isn’t just a prototyping tool any more… We can publish to the app store.

Welcome @shrike and thank you for your kind words. We strive to make Codea the best app that it can possibly be and its been thanks to our loyal community and their feedback that it’s come this far.


I am new to idea and a complete newbie looking to learn something new.

Any suggestions beside the “hello world App”

I have an idea of my own but don’t even know where to get started.


@Menlojin try making a red circle that moves around under your finger, use the ellipse function with the CurrentTouch.x and CurrentTouch.y variable. You’ll need to use fill(255,0,0) to colour the circle.

I wouldn’t start with hello world, frankly.

Go run each of the examples. Give them a few minutes, then look at the code - in many cases, it fits on a screen. Read the lines, and follow thru in your head - understand why each line is there, and what it does.

When you’ve worked thru them all, one or more may have tickled your interest - take that one, make a copy of it, then modify it - see if you can make it do something similar, but different. Change colors, sizes, shapes, graphics.

Now it’s time for a hello world - and you’ll probably know what’s interesting to you. Maybe it’s @Simeon’s example, experimenting with graphics primitives and touch. Maybe it’s animation, maybe it’s sound. As you understand what you can do more and more, you’ll start putting the blocks together in your head, and the sky’s the limit.

Hi Bortels,

I will certainly do it. Thanks for the recommendations.

Hi Simeon,

I am currently studying manual once I am done I will try your excersice.

I found this book:

Beginning Lua Programming
by Kurt Jung and Aaron Brown
Wrox Press

It’s slow reading but it’s great learning resource.

I love that book and it’s a great resource - however I have nicknamed it “the book from the guy with the daft haircut” :slight_smile:

Which is a little mean seeing as I’m so much more “folically challenged” these days.

I can also recommend the Lua “bible” Programming in Lua 2nd ed. It’s great to have these open in iBooks (other eBook readers are available :slight_smile: ) and be able to swap back and forth for reference.