And another one, this time Hangman. Had this one around for a while but it needed polishing. The rather complicated words my eldest has to learn prompted me to do a bit of polishing. Probably could do with a bit more, but good enough for the moment. Particularly pleased with the keyboard on this. Will post code anon.


Who this is great. how long did it take you

Very nice

@Dalorbi Hard to say; I did most of the work a while ago but there were some annoying bugs that I hadn’t tracked down. Then seeing the words my eldest had, I thought this might help so squished and polished it in a couple of hours last night.

@Andrew_Stacey I can not believe I never saw this jaja, I found it quite interesting, you kept working on this code??

@Luismi Yes, I’m still working on this. I’ve integrated it with my anagrams program (which is one of the sample projects in Codea) and some other games/puzzles.

Can you give me the codes for hangman


dudes, just stop asking for codes without even ever trying to contribute something of yourselves… if you ever ask for some code… then at least give a specific reason… and don’t ask for a full code… never…
but as example: ‘hey i’m very interested in how your keyboard looks… could you explain how you did that?’

btw @Andrew_Stacey nice app :slight_smile: really looks good

@stevon8ter There’s nothing wrong with asking for code. A lot of time it’s good to be able to look at a complete working program your interested in instead of just chunks. I always say, if you don’t want someone to take your code, don’t post it. As far as I’m concerned, anything posted here is fair game for anyone to do with as they please. If someone take something I posted here and turns it into a working app on the app store, that’s fine.

@dave1707 yes you’re right, but there’s always a nice way to ask for some code, and a rude way :wink:

@dave1707 I agree that there’s nothing wrong with asking for code. But given how old this discussion is, I think it would be nice to know what exactly it is about the game that @Josegomez234 finds interesting and why s/he would like to see the code.

There’s no reason why @Josegomez234 should know this, but regulars here should know that I’m pretty free with my code. So for me to not post code is a bit unusual and signifies that it might not be as easy as a cut-and-paste from the forum or a gist. In this case, the reason is that it uses several of my libraries loaded via toadkick’s cmodule code. So all of those would have to be shared as well.

Fortunately, I’m in the process of uploading them all to CC so shortly it should be possible for me to upload these games as well.

@Andrew_Stacey I’m looking at it from the view point of someone that doesn’t know that much about programming. I remember when I first started, I always wanted a working example so I could see exactly what was going on. Little one liners that showed the syntax of something was OK, but a working example was the best. I would take that example and keep changing things until I understood exactly what was happening and from there I was able to write what I wanted. Looking at the questions and sample code of what some of the newbies post shows me that they haven’t the slightest idea of what they’re doing. Even after you tell someone to put 3 ~'s before and after a program and they still don’t do it and ask why their program is messed up, or someone who writes code as one big chunk of words needs all the help they can get. I’m not saying give them your best code or something you put a lot of effort into, but they still deserve something if they ask for it. Hopefully CC will be just the thing they need.

@dave1707 i completely agree with you if you look at it that way, I as well learn better from examples as well, tho I don’t start asking for like huge pieces of codes :wink:
I started with changing the examples, then looking at the forum looking for some very basic programs

But everyone can start with what he wants, tho i still think it would be nice to give the reason why :wink:

Maybe they should make the topic about CC a stikcy, this would point the beginners of codea to it existing, and that would avoid alot of confusion in the future

@stevon8ter I guess @Andrew_Stacey is also correct. Newbies don’t need a large program to get started. Large programs are more of a hindrance than little examples that show them what they’re supposed to learn. You have to crawl before you walk.

@dave1707 true :wink: that’s how i started, ofcourse there’ll always be people who can start a little larger because of a basic knowledge in programming, but hey, we can all learn something from eachother :wink:

@dave1707,@stevon8ter,@Andrew_Stacey. This already happened to many users who recently joined, what they do is start calling codes, even helps

@Luismi I see what you mean in the other post.

@luismi, @dave1707 well that kind of behavior makes me a little mad, I don’t have anything against it if it’s for learning puposes, but just spamming every dead post… nah

Stevon8ter got powned thanks dave1707 for sticking up for my grind jose