Handling Transparency in 3D

Hi - I know I’ve seen the answer to this somewhere but I can’t figure out where, I believe it was on CoolCodea but I can’t remember what it was. How do you handle transparent pixels in an image in 3D? When I display my image, the transparent pixels show the background through everything else. Is there a simple way to fix this, preferably without shaders?

@TheSolderKing - To make transparent objects show other objects behind them correctly, you need to draw them in order, from furthest to nearest, as explained here (see Trees and Bushes section)


You only need to do this for objects with transparency, but you should draw those objects after everything else.

It’s also covered in this ebook, which has a number of other 3D tips


Thanks @Ignatz! I knew that was where I saw it! And thanks for the ebook!