Giving 2D shapes a Z coordnate

This task is very simple the way I use it. So, ~ellipse(200,200,50)~ doesn’t have any Z, seen that yet? (I bet so.) Take this for example:
You have a 3D multi-player game like Ignatz. He has a 3D castle war game. How are you supposed to know where your opponent is? Sure, you can put text on the screen to show where your opponent is.
(Note I have NEVER once used multi-player function. I don’t know that this is correct)
But, this looks like too much work.

text("Opponent X: " ..opp.x)
text("Opponent Y: " ..opp.y)
text("Opponent Z: " ..opp.z)

But, its as simple as this to give a 2D shape a Z coordnate:

translate(yourX, yourY, yourZ)
ellipse(yourX, yourY, 50)

it should be ellipse(0,0, 50)

Also, if you want to always see the picture from the front, you need to rotate it. I have more than one post showing how to do this.

Have you looked at the “3D Lab” example program that comes with Codea? If you slide the “scene select” slider over to 2 there’s an example of what you’re describing, projecting a 2D plane in 3D space.