Gesture class (rotation, swipe, zoom)

Sorry if I repeat some questions but i could not find any answers…

  1. Is there a guesture class made and shared for all people using codea?
    (if not let me know I can write my own for you…

  2. Can I sell my games and apps written in codea on app store without any permissions?

As far as I know, you dont have to get permission to put up on the app store

I know theres a gesture class somewhere on the forums,

There is definitely one posted in the last couple of months, use the search above

You can generally use code you find here, in your own apps, but it’s polite to give credit, and not to borrow someone else’s ideas if they share something they are working on. In other words, be nice.

A quick search gave me this

about code yes I know… I’ve asked about gestures cause I’ve seen a lot of asks and questions about it… I’ve made my own app with gestures from ground up… I can rewrite it to a class for someone needs if necessary and give it to all… but I don’t have time for that if not important

The problem with touch events/gestures is the expandability of your class. I wrot gestures class about 10 times, but in the end not really useful because too complex to manage. I am rather happy with my last structure to manage touches (it is in XFC). It saves for 1 touch: all the states data, plus the time of occurence, plus the object touched. This way i can easily add any kind of event, but i havent integrated gestures yet.

@Jmv38 I’m pretty sure the previous gesture class was pretty expandable, allowed for custom gestures and from what I can remember was pretty damn good, there was a problem with the it was handled I thought it could have been better but it wasn’t half a good job.

@Luatee the gesture library link provided might be pretty good, i didnt look at it. I just wanted to share my exerience with @KIM, and i didnt mean to criticize anyone (but me). Thanks for your info.