General thoughts on a simple pattern touch interface.

I am trying to make a dual input pattern mantchig system. Basically I am using a two 5x5 grids and checking the inputs for their respective grids. I am saving the hits in a list to parse patterns after a certain time elapsed. I am checking for a point within a circle for the hit tests. I know I can use a math.floor grid approach, but that is too literal and I need some wiggle room for the hit tests. I am just looking for a general sounds like a good starting point or a NO! Never do that. any input or thoughts are welcome. I will post some code after I figure the details out

Here’s something I wrote a couple of years ago which compares a 5 by 5 input grid to a set of predefined patterns (in this case letters). It sounds similar to what you are trying to do.

I remember seeing that before and it will help. I definatelly will look at it. My approach will have some time based checking for the certain coordinates and the states will change. I am looking forward to programming it latter today. thx