Game board design

Hi everyone. I am fairly new to codea but at times it consumes my day:). Just love it. I also have a love for the old school Shining Force series.

I was wondering if anyone had a example or demo for a board where I can click a troop and then it highlights the area (how far) the troop can move. I have looked at a few examples here but most of the movements were controls by joystick and not touch.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s time. I hope to learn a lot so I can return the favor some day.


Is this 2D or 3D? Tiled board?

It is a 2D Tile Board. Two armies on each side. It had things like flying troops that could move farther each turn then say ground troops. It was similar to finial fantasy tactics. Each board had a different layout with specific challenges.

There are a couple of current posts about tiled boards, but no finished code lying around, that I know of.

To write your own code for this is quite easy. Identify the square that was touched, and then look at the tiles around to see which are free. You need to keep a map of the board in memory, because the stuff on the screen is just pixels.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest you’re taking on way too big a task before you’re ready for it, and should read up on Lua and codea first (see wiki link above). If you do know what I’m talking about, then please be a little more specific about where you need help (given that you won’t find a complete solution for what you want). :wink:

Did you see this:
The dropbox link for the source doesn’t work anymore.
Did anyone dowloaded the code? I would love to have a look at it too.

Check this out:

It is not completely finished yet, but it should give you a good starting point for creating your maps and adding characters to them. You can customize which tiles can be walked on and which cannot. Add more variables to each tile if necessary (such as height, since I know in many strategy games like final fantasy you can do things such as jump up to a tile). Everything is stored in tables for easy customization.