Fysuzzles: Available Now

The app:

Fysuzzles is a physics based puzzle game I’ve been developing with some friends over the past year. You control a square using multiple chains, and the objective is to surround the goal for three seconds.




The beta:

  1. I switched to the Apple Testflight a little too late, so I don't have any of my old testers.
  2. Anyone is welcome to test (I can take up to 1,000 which is plenty)
  3. PM me your email address if you are interested
  4. Please only sign up if you are willing to test and provide feedback, this is not an app giveaway.


Shout-out to @Luatee for the great glow-line shader, let me know if you want to be in the game credits I would be glad to do that.

That looks absolutely amazing, @JakAttak. Seems like a really neat game idea, is the difficulty in avoiding the obstacles?

very exciting video! The gameplay looks a bit confusing, though. Not sure how to play…

@JakAttak - Looks amazing!

@JakAttak this looks really good, I like the idea and I think I wouldn’t mind spending a small amount of money to get this app when it gets out :wink:

@JakAttak that’s looking awesome, I’ll take one credit if you will :)>- You’ve found a better use for shader than I have so kudos for that. I can test but at irregular periods because I’m a bit hung up at the moment.

I’m pretty sure you noticed but there’s another line shader which glows outwards from the middle, I’m not sure what it would look like on the player’s box but I thought I’d let you know incase you hadn’t seen it.

Thanks all for the nice comments.

@Simeon, yes, the difficulty comes from navigating the obstacles.

@Jmv38, here’s the basics: you can have a limited number of “chains”, depending on the level. You use these to anchor and move yourself around, as each one pulls the player towards it’s end.

@Luatee, put you in. I hadn’t seen that one, but I’m pretty happy with the current effect.

Count me in please.

To tell the truth i found the video a bit ‘hectic’ and the concept of the game was not very obvious on first view. I would have a longer section showing a player solving the actual puzzles.

By the way, did you make much money with the clumsy boxing?!

@piinthesky, thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep it in mind, as I’m likely to redo the trailer when the beta ends if things change.

Not much, just enough to break even

@JakAttak, I sent you a PM

@JakAttak Looks cool. What did you use to make that trailer and how much work was it?

Please teach me how to make amazing teasers like you :open_mouth:

@Goatboy76, @SkyTheCoder, thanks. Putting it together took about an hour, recording the different clips, and putting it all together. I let Replay do most of the hardwork assembling the clips into something nice, then I use iMovie to add my music of choice.

pretty cool

I’ve set the release date and finished up the final trailer (updated in the first post). Not much changed from the first one, just includes some of the new features (like level uploading) that came during the beta.

I’ll have some promo codes available for you guys once it is approved by apple, so hopefully in about a week.

It’s been approved! Expect to see it May 14th!

In the meantime, a couple of promo codes as a thanks to this great community:






Please comment which one you’ve taken so others know.


Congratulations! I took 4NN4F3EL7PJ6

Thanks! I took MPP69Y6MLXMJ. Just played the first few tutorial levels. This game is really fun! I’ll give it a five star review as soon as the App Store lets me.

Great game! I’ll take 6ALF3LA4LXL3.