Function key crash

I checked this after a clean reboot.
I run Codea app, i open Andrew_Stacey’s cube project and with any tab opened i click the function key, it takes like 20secs to show the function browser and when scrolling down i reach the class Font8x16 it always crashes.

Then I created a new project importing only the Font class and Font8x16 class and it also crashes.

I attach the crash log:

FWIW I experienced crashes like this when in a project I had some some commented out functions bearing the same names as live functions in other tabs. Renaming the commented out functions fixed the problem. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying that this is what is happening in Andrew’s code but I have been able to replicate the crash…

@Stavrogin this is fixed in the next version (the crash, it’s still slow to open on large projects like @Andrew’s).

Edit: It happens because the parser mishandles anonymous functions, so any code with anonymous functions causes it.