Forum notifications

It’s a tiny annoyance, but it would be awesome if when you read a message in your inbox, it would mark the corresponding notification next to “username” in the site header as read. I mean, if I go to my inbox and see a message from someone, do i really need to be told that they sent me a message in my forum profile page?

It’s actually not that easy. Since emails are static HTML, the only way to know if the email was read is by adding an image (with a unique name) and seeing if the image was fetched. That takes a lot of server code, and I think it’s a lot more work than TLL wants to do for a tiny feature. That being said, it’d be awesome.

no, i meant messages that are in your forum inbox.

I see. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I don’t know how hard that would be, but it would involve digging deep into the code. But I agree, that’d be useful.

I think thats a Vanilla thing. Perhaps TLL can fix it, perhaps not.

I’m sure it’s a simple extra call of a function like “clearProfileNotifications” or something, but it’s a matter of finding that.

Well you wouldn’t want all profile notifications cleared though, just the one. Which may not be possible.

True, so it’d take a bit more work (sorry, a bit tired).

if( user.inbox.messageID.state == read ) { 

@matkatmusic - Is this actual code that works in the Vanilla forums? (If so, try notifying Simeon by putting an @ sign before his name.) Thanks!

lol no, im’ just saying that you’d think it’d be as simple as that. @Zoyt