Forum: add profile picture from ipad

This doesnt work, because the ‘select picture’ button is disactivated from ipad. Any solution to this? (besides doing it from a PC)

@Jmv38 I had a similar problem. In my case it was due to permissions which @Simeon fixed.

Now I can go into my profile from the menu at the top of the forums and add/change my pic (from and ipad 3 mind you)

Thank you @West.
So @Simeon should it work on this new forum? Is it my ios5.1 the problem?

I just did it via my ipad. I believe I was unable to about a month or so ago.

I just checked: the choose picture button is still disactivated in safari.
But maybe i should use another tool than safari?

Use the codea forums in the codea app

As a side note I’m using chrome.

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried codea and chrome, but the choose file button is still disactivated… Must be my ios5.1…

I have the same problem on my iPad 1. Button disabled. I’m not upgrading my iPad 1 until it dies, no matter what I have to do without.

Ok. I gave up and simply bought the ‘enable upload from safari’ from cydia. $2.99 and works fine. Who said ‘i dont need the jailbreak…?’