How to import a font

I haven’t tried it myself, but you might try the instructions here to install system wide fonts and see if that reflects inside Codea. But I can’t be sure if this works. Be sure to let us know, as that would be very nice if it was possible.

take a look at
i will install your app for testing. I hope it works.
here it’s shader’s code for stroke and shadow of a font. Very Interesting !
i dont’ know how translate for codea.

Fonts are installed in the system ( profil ). Font command in codea can’t access to my new font “comic sans ms” but Page can access.

after checking, we don’t see the new fonts in the list in codea, but when i write font(“name of the font”) it works great for all fonts. thanks

@hpsoft - Thanks for checking that for me. If you’re using the runtime, it’d be easier to just include it in the project.

in this website you can install font directly on ipad :