First game for my kids

Created a simple game for my 2 kids. Pretty simple: tap the screen and one of 2 of their favorite tv characters appear:-)

YouTube link:

Thx for explaining about YouTube!

To embed youtube videos you need to full video url ( as opposed to

Haha that’s cool! I bet they love it, try adding it a bounce effect and others using Simeons Juice library.

Library can be found here:

@Luatee - I’ll give it a try, that library does seem like fun to add :slight_smile: I plan on adding some more characters as well, I just wanted to focus on their 2 “biggest” heroes at the moment to see what i could pull off :slight_smile:

They do love it, the only downside is … now I can spend less time on my iPad :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to look to install it on my wife’s iPad >:)

@MrBramme - but you know, kids love to beat up characters they dont like, too. you could include some bad characters they have to touch a couple of times to get rid of. perhaps some sound, too…

Wacka a Mole with Villains!

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