Finding compile-time errors

This is probably a very basic question, but I just don’t get it. Often, when I first try to run a project after adding some code, I get a compile-time error (which can be anything from a simple typo to a subtle logic error). The problem is, when I push the Run button, “nothing happens”. I know there’s an error somewhere, but to find it I have to hunt through my code for the red error tag. As the size of a project increases, search time increases exponentially (I think. Non-linearly, anyway.) Is there some simple way to jump to next error tag?

I’m sorry about this, @Davidhof. It’s an issue I’m currently fixing, there’s a bug in the current version that keeps clearing errors out of tabs when they are switched. The plan is also to highlight tabs with errors in red.

So it sounds like in the mean time, the best strategy is to push the Run button with the first tab active, and then look just in that tab. If I don’t find an error there, I move to the next tab, push Run again, and look through just that tab. And so on through each tab in succession, until I find the error. Is that correct?

Highlighting tabs with errors in red would be excellent. Hope it works out.

Hang in there. All in all, it’s a great app!

Yes, unfortunately that is the workaround for now.

Sometimes I get this also, but without the tag stating issue. So while its pointing at me to look somewhere, it can really be a pain if that description label of the error does not display properly… (so it is just the highlighted red line)