File Sharing

So this morning I was in iTunes syncing up my apps and I noticed that some of my other coding apps (Textastic and GoodReader) can transfer documents between my iPad and the computer through iTunes because they are listed as “File Sharing” apps and I was wondering if it was possible to add this functionality to Codea

Now that you mention it, it’d be a great way to transfer exports, images, and code between the computer and iPad.

You know you can use iExplorer?

@Jmv38 - Yes, and I do, but it’s not free.

Try ifunbox then. It is free, portable and works fine (havent used it for 1 year though since i jailbroke)

@Jmb38 - Tried that too. It slowed down my computer by 4 times. No idea how, but both times installed it, it slowed my computer down. Anyways, I own iExplorer. I wouldn’t put this high on TTL’s things to do, but maybe in a year or so, that’d be a good thing to do.

It’s definitely not a priority, but it would be nice, especially if it isn’t too hard for TLL to implement.

iTunes file sharing only works for flat files, it doesn’t respect any directory structure, so it’s not that useful.

I use the libimobiledevice library on both Linux and Mac. Works without jailbreaking.

file sharing won’t be that interesting anymore, once AirCode is makes it into the final release, imho.

@se24vad +1 and I’m hoping for an iPhone client, would be great for aircode + iphone testing!

and I’m begging for aircode browser(-intern) simulator. that way we could develop entirely on pc, or even publish for the web. we could also use any device, with a browser build in, to run our apps on…

@se24vad - I’d live that too, not to mention an MacBook Pro, a nice car, oh! and all of Apple’s beta products. The issue is that there are only 2 people developing Codea, not to mention all the other games they’re making. It blows me away what they’ve done with Codea while developing Crabitron at the same time.
Anyways, within the next year, if I get my act together, I’ll finally be working on that HTML5 Codea runtime engine. They may even adopt it into AirCoding.
Another reason that they might not want to do a cloud based version of Codea is that there is not a large market for web based applications for making money. All that extra work for not much money.
That being said, I’d REALLY love that.
Quick note: Because AirCoding will use CodeMirror, you can use it on other mobile devices… That just a conjecture.