FallDodge - Codea Cook-Off Competition Entry

Here I’ll be posting updates and screenshots/videos of my entry in the Codea Cook-Off competition, FallDodge. It’s a game where your character falls down a hole, and you have to find ways to get back up before hitting the bottom. There will be many creative ways to get back up, though.

Quick 7 second video of the intro animation:


Edit: Finished code is available here: https://gist.github.com/SkyTheCoder/7c9d7350d5d573459d90

Update: Added animations and downloading extra Kenney.nl Platformer Art sprites from my Dropbox.



Sorry about the movement. For some reason controls are glitchy and hyper when recording.

Looks interesting. I also just added a loader, and then I went to upload to CC and noticed there is actually an asset loader built-in that I could’ve used :S

I derped, then… Oh well. At least with this it’s a bit easier to only have to put it on my Dropbox via my Mac and it automatically downloads to my iPad…

@SkyTheCoder, how are you getting the URLs? Dropbox API?

Nice. I don’t quite get the game yet, but I’ll see at the end.

@JakAttak On my iPad I only have hard-coded in the URL of my info.dl_meta. In that file, when downloaded, it contains the URLs to all the other Dropbox files. To get those, I right clicked the download button in my browser and selected Copy Link Address to Clipboard, and added them to the info.dl_meta.

Also, here’s what the file looks like: info.dl_meta

Open it with any old text editing program.

@Zoyt No gameplay yet, adding that now…

I was too busy with pretty pictures in the background. :stuck_out_tongue: It looks pretty good though. Video soon.

Got a bit of gameplay in!

Experimental bouncy mushrooms. I’ll make spawning a bit better, and decrease the bounciness (when I add more ways to get back up).

At least I got a win sequence in, and some gameplay.



The black circles are my touches, they are not part of the game. They are only there for recording purposes.

You can see there’s some better textures for dirt, grass, and now stone…

Cute win sequence. I like the little victory jump

Got a nice menu going, working on adding springs to get back up…

Made mushrooms less bouncy and it waits 20 seconds (including the intro sequence) to start generating it so you’re a little bit far down when it starts and you can’t fall down and bounce on a mushroom and get back up almost instantly.

Video of new progress:


@SkyTheCoder me so jealous, why can’t my games ever be as good as yours or others? xd


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@NatTheCoder This discussion is over a year old and is for a contest that ended a year ago. If you want to play it, it’s available on CC, or on the cook-off discussion.