ETA on 1.5?

I know it’s bad form to ask, but the GLSL stuff sounds exciting…

Is there an ETA on when 1.5 will be released? as we are going into the (American, at least) holiday season, it is realistic to expect something before Dec 25th?

I certainly hope so, the new feature list has got me drooling already :slight_smile:

At the moment there’s a bit left to do, but I’m quite hopeful that it should be submitted in early December at the latest.

They’ve got the big stuff done like shaders. John has made some really cool stuff with it like this:
If you’re really curious, you can look at to see what they are working on. And if you were curious, here’s a sneak peak of a new part of the interface:

You should follow @TwoLivesLeft - Simeon posts fun Codea stuff. Check this out that @Andrew_Stacey did: - this was recently tweeted by Simeon.

Those are shaders doing the game of life, mapped to the surface (and background) of a 3D torus. Proper use of shaders can make some graphic operations basically free, as the GPU is doing them rather than the CPU. And Andrew is dominating right now, because, well, math. :slight_smile:

After reading the shaders I have to ask a Question:

Can someone create a video of a hallway and Shoot a flaming arrow down the hallway?

I’d love to see the real-time lighting effects of that in Codea!

Long time user and reader of this forum, but only just now registered to be able to tell you guys that there is no words for how utterly awesome you are. I had high hopes for 1.5, and I picked up on the fact you had something cool in the making, but this blew my mind! :slight_smile:

I want to take this opportunity to shout out to the crew, and especially @Andrew_Stacey. You have inspired this former desktop-application/database programmer now working as a LINUX-geek, to really learn math and physics. I find myself solving problems now in ways I’ve never done before regardless of what programming language I’m using. And I’ve been writing code for almost 20 of my 30+ years.
Andrew, you should write a book about matrix, vector, trig, and projection related math. It should have the words “Don’t Panic” inscribed with big letters on the cover! :wink:


I’ve probably mentioned this before, just in case not here’s something I wrote about programming and maths: And I’ve started writing about the maths related to Codea, you can find a post at I’ve started one about quaternions but got a bit distracted by the shaders. They’re a lot more fun than I thought they would be!

Yeah, I thought that’s why the quats tutorial wasn’t done…

Another shader teaser for y’all:

.@aciolino also the IO sandboxing will be removed.

BIG CHEERS!!! :slight_smile: :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Is Codea still sandboxed in 1.5? can we edit / break out of it and get File IO, specifically WRITE access to the app sandbox/documets folder?

I really want to get that GIT client working on my machine - or even my “DropBox client” that i’m working on. Backup is good, but without the ability to easily restore, it’s not as helpful.

EDIT: Answering my own question: RTFP:
saveProjectTab(), readProjectTab() and listProjectTabs() allow you to edit your own projects from code

CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP…? Still hoping for before Apple Store shutdown…:slight_smile: …Cause Early December, at the latest, is here. @Simeon :slight_smile:

.@aciolino It’s looking like it might not make the App Store shutdown. A few people have suggested removing the Shader Lab (as that is where the most work is left) and submitting it with all the other features, however I’d really like to have it all together for 1.5.

Edit: That said, there’s a few great new features that aren’t mentioned in the roadmap. One is completely re-written parameters API for colours, text, buttons, and switches in the sidebar.

@Simeon, sounds great! On another feature update - are we likely to see anything new on the audio front in the near future? There’s been some workarounds mentioned on here regarding playing raw audio files - but something a bit more user friendly and flexible would be great e.g ability to play and fade an arbitrary audio file in and out with maybe some sort of UI similar to how we currently select Sprites via Dropbox etc.

Just curious, as this does seem like the ‘final icing on the cake’ - especially where developing games are concerned - although I suspect this is likely to be way off in the distance.

My opinion is that if we can get a few samples, then the shader lab isn’t as critical. What I see, Codea seems to be working progress anyway. Maybe make an update after December release? Or make it an add-on? I might pay a buck for it…

I second aciolino’s proposal.

I dont mind - as long as its a stable release. Much prefer to have it beta-tested to the max to iron out the bugs rather than rush something out for Xmas IMHO :wink:

Argh! So there’s more fixes than we know, and now we have a big delay! Oh well, I’ll just be jealous…

If the API doesn’t allow compilation to Xcode, it’s all useless, anyway…please tell me that the Xcode works with the GLSL stuff!