Editor: Difference between left-arrow in upper-left corner and x in lower-left?

They seem to do the same thing (i.e., exit editor), but maybe there’s some subtle difference?

Im not aware of any difference.

The arrow in the upper left corner will first exit the help screen if help is open, while the lower arrow always exits project.

@Mark, that is pretty subtle. How do you even get a help screen without the onscreen keyboard covering up the x?

.@Mpark - @Mark is correct (I’d never noticed that), you can bring up the help screen by tapping the toolbar button which looks like an “eye” and you can hide the keyboard (so that you can see the x) by tapping the hide keyboard key (it is the key in the bottom right on the keyboard).

.@Reefwing – that’s what I tried. I get the help but I can’t convince the keyboard to hide. Odd but no biggie.

.@Mark and @Reefwing (and I) are beta testers and so we have slightly different functionality. I am briefly in a position where I can test both beta and non-beta versions of Codea and can confirm that what Mark and Reefwing are seeing is a beta-effect and what @Mpark is seeing is a non-beta effect. So for @Mpark there is no difference between the two (and in particular, the help has no effect) but for @Reefwing and @Mark there is.

Thanks for solving that mystery, Andrew.

Nice catch @Andrew_Stacey