Duplicating mesh/sprites without too much code

Hey everyone! I just need some help about meshes and sprites. I know pretty much everything about them except one thing, DUPLICATING. How can I create 1 Sprite or mesh, and make them cover the screen seperately. Like how can I make a full screen of meshes, by using 1 mesh? I know there must be a way.

Please keep your questions for the same project in one thread.

function draw()
    for i=1,50 do
        --assumes you have a table of positions of each mesh

Draw the same Sprite/ mesh lots of times. Or, use addRect to fill a single mesh with lots of rects, and just draw ti once.

Ok. Thanks. I have read your e-book. Codea for beginners. And I need help with keyboardBuffer() and what it does, and I can’t find help in the ebook

@LL_Phoenix456, it’s in the reference, that’s why it’s not existing

@LL_Phoenix456 Do a forum search for things you don’t understand. There are many examples of what you want.