Dungeon Design Opportunity

So I built this huge empty 3D dungeon… (images in video are just 2D placeholders)


and I’m busy finding 3D models to put in it, such as these

The next step is to begin designing the interior of the dungeon - what the objects are for and where to put them, how the creatures behave, and some kind of storyline, objectives, etc. For example, boxes hold health, zombies, bugs and spiders chase you and eat you if they catch you, but you can shoot them if you have a gun and bullets, or maybe whack them with an axe (if I can find an axe model). And zombies chase you if they can see you (or maybe smell you), or maybe they just wander round in circles. And maybe I need a boss monster to end the level.

And I’m not very good at deciding all of that.

I’m creating a specification with all the details I have so far, and the constraints such as how much stuff I can put in one place without affecting performance, and the limitations of the modelling, and I’ll keep it up to date. (While Codea cannot match apps like Infinity Blades because of graphic limitations, it is looking possible to make a fun first person shooter).

What I’d like to know if there is anyone who’d enjoy helping to lay out the dungeon, and maybe also help with some of the programming (it’s not all 3D, eg it needs things like path finding, and better player controls than in the video above!). If so, I’ll share my specification and ask you to see what you can come up with. You will also get to play test the dungeon as it develops.

And if you are also keen to learn 3D modelling, I will be very happy to fast track you and involve you in the programming. You will need solid Codea skills to start with, though, and have some free time, as it takes some serious effort. But I think it’s worth it, because for me, 3D is absolutely the best thing about Codea. It’s difficult and challenging, but the best things in life often are.

I am going to give the dungeon away at the end, and if you do get involved, you are welcome to develop it further and use it freely.

So this post is asking for expressions of interest. Are you interested in helping? If so, what do you think you can contribute? Please respond below, or if you prefer, message me privately. If I’m not likely to know you from the forum, please give me some idea of your coding skills (and enthusiasm).

Thanks for the offers of help. I’m going to reply to each person by PM.

I would love to help. Though I don’t know much about 3D, you have me captivated at the opportunity to learn it in this project. I have ~3 hours of free time for coding a day when I need it, so I can dedicate myself plenty to learning. I’m competent in 2D games though, though not nearly as much as sky… Sign my up!

I enjoy designing game levels and laying out terrain, I have lots of experience in 3D (Codea and otherwise) and 3D modeling/texturing/rigging/animating/games, experience in advanced shaders, and nothing but free time.

I haven’t done 3d in Codea yet, but I would be up to help you with level design and thinking about enemy characteristics, etc.

I would love to help, I think it’d be a great opportunity for me!