For those curious about 1.4 and Apple’s rejection due to Dropbox, details here:


I’m actually relieved - its not a Codea problem, but a Dropbox one, and apparently an updated SDK is already available.

That article is incorrect. The latest Dropbox SDK also gets rejected, so the Dropbox developers have removed it from their site.

(Edit: I have re-submitted 1.4 with the “beta” SDK just in case, but according to the Dropbox developers it will likely be rejected as well.)

Well THAT sucks.

Maybe drop Dropbox entirely (the new spritepack stuff with cut and paste and the ability to grab from the photo roll is plenty good) and then add it in 1.41?

Yea would be better to get 1.4 through now so we can use local custom sprite packs surely?

It might be, we’ll see what happens after the weekend.

Er… I’m counting on the Dropbox interaction to provide at least some level of user access to images. If the user knows the name of an image stored in Dropbox, I can retrieve it. And they can save to Dropbox.

Without that, I don’t think I have a way to allow user IO of images (short of writing them to strings).

Note: if you want to replace Dropbox with read / write access to the photo library using Apple’s standard widgets, I’d not complain.

I also hate this Dropbox case. But I understand Apple’s reasoning. They have iCloud and they want their users and apps to use iCloud instead of third party cloud services. I personally prefer iCloud, that’s why I suggested Codea to integrate with iCloud since the beginning. :slight_smile:

@bee iCloud doesn’t have the features we require for this case. We need:

  • Be able to add art assets on your computer
  • Have them appear in Codea’s sprite picker

iCloud is centered around document syncing between the same application on multiple devices. We need document syncing between other apps (saving into Dropbox on any device) and Codea.

Edit: In fact, the only thing iCloud could be used for in Codea is to sync your projects between two iPads that you own. I think this a fairly niche scenario.

http.get is also in 1.4 - I’m using it in the beta to retrieve and cache images stored on github, transparently to the end-user. It’s a bit more involved than dropbox, but not that much moreso. I’ll share that code the day 1.4 drops (or perhaps in a beta thread)

It would not be difficult to modify that to use imgur or flickr or many other image hosting sites - you’d simply need to copy the URL into your code.

@Bortles vid of 1.4 :smiley:

Sadly - nothing I’m working on video-worthy shows off 1.4.

But I have some procedural planet stuff that I’ll post a video of later on… (HINT: mesh() is crazy crazy powerful)

@Bortels No jest show of the sprite’s in the up date. :-bd

I’ll leave it up to TLL to share (or not share) things in the beta; they try to keep it fairly quiet until it’s approved, because there’s always the possibility that Apple could reject the feature, and then people get mad. :slight_smile:

oooooooooooooooooooooow :-((