Dropbox Problem

Hey Guys,

Last night, I tried to switch all my graphics to be @2x and therefore retina ready. Originally, the file would be named something like forward.png and this time I named it to forward@2x.png. I removed all the old files from Dropbox and updated it with the new files. Except, when I try to sync it, all of my updated files don’t show up. However, they do show up from within the Dropbox app on the iPad. Is there a problem with resolution in all of this.

Here is what I see when I try to sync and hat I see in the dropbox app. Thanks:



Codea will not show @2x graphics in your Dropbox (or any other) folder. It will use them on retina devices, and it will sync them, but it hides them on purpose.

Is it just the @2x files that aren’t showing up? Because if that is the case, then that is normal and they will still be used by Codea.

If it is other files not showing up, the perhaps you could try re-link your Dropbox? Try unlink your Dropbox account from Codea (it’s in the settings panel on the main screen) and re-link it.

Let me know how it goes.

.@Simeon yes, it’s just the @2x files that aren’t showing up. You said that it hides the @2x on purpose, how would I actually use the file if I can’t choose it out of the sprite picker. Do I manually have to type of the file name?

.@veeeralp: You just select your sprite normally, and Codea/iOS automatically uses the @2x version if it exists. The @2x version is hidden in the picker because there is no need to manually select it.

.@veeeralp as @toadkick says, you don’t ever explicitly use @2x when referring to sprites — always just refer to the non-@2x version, and Codea will decide automatically if it should use @2x (depending on whether it is running on a retina device, or not).

.@veeeralp - you don’t “switch” the graphics files you need both the forward.png file and the forward@2x.png file. It sounds like you deleted the normal resolution files.

.@toadkick @Simeon @Reefwing thanks for all your help guys. I had no idea that I have to keep both of the files. Now that I know what to do, it seems logical to hide @2x versions. Luckily, I didn’t delete the non-retina files from my computer