Dot Font

Dot font with almost all ASCII chars.

I love it! Didn’t even think of using arduino data - looks like an old punched-tape.

The problem you’re having with “(” and those other characters is that string.find is interpreting them as part of a matching expression, rather than as a plain string. If you modify your find on line 166 to:

k = string.find(self.chars, char, 1, true)

Then those other characters should work (or at least left paren did for me…)

Looking closer - because your data is already in ASCII order, you can avoid all of that stuff after the find by simply going:

k = string.byte(char) - 31

I ran into exactly the same situation you did, and did exactly the same thing at first, when I was working on my vector fonts. So far as I can tell, that used to be “string.ascii”, and when you google you still find the old usage as the first hit, and that fails.

Nice font, Alex. Looks awesome!

Thanks Bortels, now it can print all ASCII chars from SPACE to }.
Chars with 126, 127 codes print arrows: → and ←

Nice! I wrote something similar using font data from the ZX Spectrum (because I’m an old git)