Doesn't codea enable GL_DEPTH_TEST in it's openGl context?

I recently started to learn how to program ‘pure’ openGl commands and rendering in Java, and I started to fiddle around in 3D space with VBOs and rendering multiple objects from one VBO.

I quickly came to notice one peculiar thing about how not enabling GL_DEPTH_TEST when rendering many 3D cubes in a grid-like formation creates a issue that I had came across with a project on Codea, which makes draworder actually affect the outcome of the scene.

But by simply enabling GL_DEPTH_TEST before all rendering eliminates the issue completely, which concludes, why is this not enabled in Codea by default?

This is how an 2D array of cubes look like with no Depth testing(All cubes are rotated 45 degrees to make them more visible):

One of those cubes has a green top and 4 white sides.

And this is with Depth testing enabled:

It might be hard to see on those images but the latter is how it should look like in the first place.

The Depth testing seems to be the Z depth value thing that openGl checks for each fragment to see if the next one is closer to the camera than the current fragment, and this seems to be disabled by default in Codeas’ openGl context. Am I right? Or is this feature not present on the openGl version that Codea uses?

Do you mean when normally drawing on the screen or within setContext?

It is enabled for drawing on the screen as far as I’m aware, but there have been issues with it on setContext so it might not be enabled in the current version of Codea (I don’t recall what the current state is).

It is not enabled on the default context(As far as I have seen), as I have tested just that by drawing multiple cubes next to eachother on Codea before and getting similar results as on pc with depth testing off.