Delete an Asset Pack from Local Storage on an iPad

How do I delete an asset pack from local storage on an iPad?

I’ve inadvertently downloaded the same asset pack twice; now I have xxPack and xxPack2 listed as available bundles of sound assets available for use.

They’re not small and my iPad storage is limited, but it’s not clear to me how to get rid of the extra copy.

When I press edit on an asset pack, I only see add to, so the only way might be to delete Codea and reload it. If you delete Codea, you’ll also delete any projects you have saved. If you have just a few projects, you could copy and paste them into Notes or somewhere else. Or you can just wait until the next version of Codea comes out and update to that one. You won’t loose any projects with an update.

But the question is: Will you lose the second pack with an update?

I’m not 100% sure if an update will remove the copy of the asset pack. If memory is a problem and you can’t wait for an update, then the only thing I can think of is to delete and reload Codea. I’m sure others will answer this.

Which asset pack is it, and how did you end up with 2 copies of it?

I have 2 Dropbox folders when I look in my assets directory. They’re both named Dropbox, but only one of them has all my files in it. Even if I do a sync in the empty one, it stays empty. @Simeon said that an update should get rid of the empty folder. Since it’s empty, it doesn’t bother me or take up memory that I know of.

Which asset pack is it, and how did you end up with 2 copies of it?

It was Hero’s Quest and I downloaded it once and then, not realizing I needed to scroll down to find the recently downloaded pack, I downloaded it… again for A Hero’s Quest 2.

Does the name of the pack figure particularly significantly in the solution you have in mind, or just idle curiosity?

@dcjim I’m not sure how you loaded a second version of Hero’s Quest. If it’s not downloaded, there’s an option on it (a down arrow) to download it. Once it’s downloaded, that option isn’t available anymore.

Once it’s downloaded, that option isn’t available anymore.

Based on what I’m seeing on my iPad, you know, the whole “A Hero’s Quest” and “A Hero’s Quest 2” packs thing on my list of available assets, I’m inclined to disagree with you.

I can only say what I see in my assets folder. I haven’t downloaded Game Music One and that shows a green down arrow in a circle with the word Download under it. I have downloaded A Hero's Quest and that doesn’t show the down arrow. So there’s no option to download A Hero's Quest again. That’s why I was asking how you were able to download it a second time. Is it possible that it didn’t finish the first download and the option was still there to allow you to download it again. Do you have the exact same files in both downloads.

From what I can tell, files are the same.

It is possible I started the second before the first was completed. It looks, however like I have two complete copies of the pack.

The option to download it a third time is, fortunately, not appearing.

Is there some iPad internal file explorer app, maybe, with which I could manually delete the extra copy? If not, the uninstall and reinstall approach seems best.

It depends on which version of Codea and which version of iOS you have installed, there is a free program from MacroPlant called iExplorer (Mac & Windows) that is able to navigate and make changes to an apps documents folder - this used to be the standard way for Codea users to get content on to and off their devices. However since iOS 8 (I believe) Apple made some changes to the filesystem and it can now only access folders of App’s that have iTunes file sharing enabled.

From time to time Codea DOES have this setting enabled but Apple keep asking to have it removed as apparently it violates their agreement about apps being able to download executable code (although nobody moans about Pythonista 8-))