Hey guys, whats up?

Is there any way to format “City, Day… Month… Year” using
([fmt [, t]])? Eg.: “São Paulo, 14 de maio de 2014”

yes. google ‘lua format date time’, tap the first result, and you get all explanations there.

@erickyyamato Try this.

function setup()
    print("Sao Paulo,"" %d of %B of %Y"))

@Dave1707 is there any way to translate month’s name to portuguese?

@erickyamato, I believe it will be in the language that your iPad is set to.

@erickyamato Here’s another way to do it.

function setup()
    print(string.format("Sao Paulo, %d of %s of %d",,mth[dt.month],dt.year))

@JakAttak , my iPad’s language is setted to Portuguese :confused:

@dave1707 thank you man!

@erikyamayo, interesting. I thought pulled the data in the language and time zone of your iPad settings.

Me too @JakAttak, but just get my time zone