can some help me with an example to have a database and input box’s


The current version does not support. The next version will support storage somewhat. No word on input boxes, you may want to enter that under suggestions if it is not already there.

Its uncertain if we will support input boxes. Perhaps as a parameter on the side bar, but we are still discussing our options. Codea is designed for visual programming and prototyping and we want to limit scope creep as much as we can while still adding features in line with the project’s vision.

Dylan, as codea is designed for prototyping, thousands of ios apps have text input, respectfully, it doesn’t seem like scope creep from a prototyping perspective.


Didn’t look at date of original post.

@JCKent, please look at the date of the last post, that’s been posted over 2 years ago…

I noticed that afterwards. Sorry.

But I noticed there still is no input box, scroll selectors, or buttons built in yet.

parameter.text, parameter.action, etc

@JCKent I didn’t notice the date either when I first responded. As for input boxes, scroll selectors, and buttons, you have to make them yourself. That’s the whole fun of Codea, you make what you need. If you still want those things, there are plenty of examples in the forum. You just have to look for them.

Dave - yeah figuring that out. Very odd, feels like going backwards somewhat coming from other ide’s that have those. No problem, looking for examples. Thanks.

Codea noob- those are kinda nice, but not quite what I was looking for for a mockup that takes into account layout. Also want buttons laid out around other elements for mocking up purposes.

Then again it just takes some research to find, and then I get to learn from those examples. So all good.

Thanks guys

Old thread, but I would really like a native input field (with draggable cursor/copypaste etc), since you cannot do that easily in Codea. But might be hard to add. :slight_smile: