Custom sounds?

In the release notes I got the impression we could now smoothly add our own sounds to our apps. Did I misread? If not, how do you do it? And what are the file formats supported?

I’ve been using .wav files, link your Dropbox to Codea and then in Dropbox/Apps/Codea place your sound files and then sync to Dropbox the sound assets from the asset picker when pressing on the bracket when you type sound() or music() or in the main menu when you pull at the sidebar at the top left.

I think a .mp3 will be assumed as music, I personally haven’t been able to use .mp3’s with the sound function because it marks them as music.

As @Luatee says, .wav files work fine.

.ma4 files work too

…so then I guess the question is, can you make .wav files with an ipad?

I could always do it on my mac but I’d love to be able to make as much of my app as possible entirely on the ipad.

Anybody know the easiest way to do this?


Yep GarageBand & Dropbox work

I might suggest Nave. It’s a fun synthesizer to play around in and create sounds with, and I think it has a .wav export. A bit pricey, though.

@UberGoober you can always use a file converter.

You can import .m4a or .wav files from Dropbox to get custom sounds. GarageBand is a nice and fun way to create custom .m4a files.

GarageBand won’t export .wav files, though, right? So you can only use it for background music, not sound effects?

@prynok are you suggesting a specific file converter on the iPad? I’m very interested.

My goal is to be able to do this, as much as possible, end-to-end on the iPad. File conversion would certainly be an elegant solution.

@ubergober ‘file converter’ is an ipad app that converts about any format to another one, via a web server. It is not free, but you have to pay once only.

Is it “file converter” of “The File Converter”? The first is by Ice Cold Apps and the second is by Ghost Mobile.