Creating a folder in your photo library on ipad to store images.

Is it possible to open a brand new file on your ipad from the code??

You can read from as many different files from the code as you want. But you only have 2 folders, Documents and Dropbox unless there’s others that I don’t know about. Codea doesn’t let you create folders yet.

Are the documents accesible from iipad after closing the program

Accessible how. You can read them from any Codea app in the Documents and Dropbox folder. In Dropbox, you can get to them from a PC also. Not sure how you want to access them.

If no! Can you help me with accessing dropbox offline!

If dropbox is not accesible offline!
If i convert codea program to xcode
Will i be able to alter the code and add the feature unavailable yet in codea like open a folder on my ipad or send images via email

@dave1707 I want to access them from my photos! On the ipad

The Dropbox folder is always accessible, but you can only sync the files with the Dropbox app when you’re online. I’m strictly iPad, so I can’t answer your Xcode question. I don’t believe there’s anyway to send email directly from Codea, but I gave an example in a recent discussion showing how to bring up an email page that you can send manually. I haven’t tried using that code to try sending an image.

EDIT: That was your discussion about email that I responded to.

@calinefrangieh The email example I gave you in the other discussion will allow you to include an image from your photo library or the Dropbox app folder.

If i access dropbox offline will my images wait for me to sync them afterwards?
And for the comment you responded: it included writing 3 strings as the content of the message.
And my images are big they extend all over the height and width, amd all encoding codes i have searched either did not work or said to be really slow for big images!
What can i dooo?

By the way, thank you for answering! You are a life saver.
I hope you reply on these asap @dave1707

Anything you put in the Codea Dropbox folder will stay there even after you sync them with the Dropbox app. Then they will be in both areas. The 3 strings were just an example. You can just put one thing in message if you want. I can’t help you with your images, I’m not sure what you can use to reduce their size.

Thank you very much!