create obj file asset?

i created a simple .obj file with uMake, put it in Dropbox > Apps > Codea. there’s a photo in there as well.

when i get assetList("Dropbox") i get the texture but not the obj file.

what do i need to do, please? is there a writeup?


moved it to On my ipad > Codea > Dropbox.assets and it works.

is that the trick, i guess?

@RonJeffries sorry about this issue. I’m trying to phase out specific Dropbox support in favour of any cloud/document provider, but it’s taking a lot of time. The next version being submitted is the start of this work (new asset API, assetList is deprecated) but it’s going to take a while to get there. Thank you for finding a workaround in the mean time

i look forward to what will surely be a better way. for now, this’ll do …