crash to desktop?

just started seeing an intermittent crash to desktop in my spacewar game. “the changes i made couldn’t have affected that”.

also seeing very occasional objects jumping on the screen, and they definitely don’t now how to do that.

what sort of thing could a program do that would make code crash clear out to the desktop? this may help me figure out what i’ve done. thanks!

I am looking forward to the new version, especially since the keyboard is broken currently. I’m sure the release process is arduous. Small frequent releases would be nice though. Really nice.

I’m definitely not doing the camera/rect trick :slight_smile:

I am running iOS8. I guess I’ll reboot the iPad just in case. Guess I can check memory usage – what are the limits? (No physics in this game, so that’s out.) I’d think an infinite loop wouldn’t crash w/o recursion, just lock up?

Guess I’ll just make sure it’s all super clean, which is my path anyway …

iOS8 is crashing me out, periodically, for no obvious reason. Sometimes all the way back to the apple logo, and off altogether! Very large images seem to be involved…

The next Codea version should help.

it could be OS8, if you’ve updated recently

A new version is being finalised for iOS8

but it can be other things, so you need to isolate the problem by (I suggest) commenting out parts of the code

Infinite loops crash out. Running out of memory crashes out (too much stuff, especially physics bodies, can cause this). I’m not sure what else, but have a check for those two things.

Another way to crash Codea:

camera(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
rect(0, 0, 0)

Unlikely, but that’s another way.