Corona SDK with Codea?

Is there a way to use Codea for developing games with Corona SDK? Corona uses LUA as well, but can I reuse the code created by Codea for example in Corona SDK projects?


Corona and Codea have different functioned added and ways of managing them. Like the physics APIs are different. So most likely, no. Sorry.

The graphics will be different; if you’re working on prototyping things like internal game logic - pathfinding, AI, and so on - the lua should be close to identical between the two. I actually suspect it’ll be a lot like LoveCodea - some stuff will map well, and other stuff won’t map at all.

Porting is not too difficult - so prototyping on iPad with Codea and polishing on mac with Corona works fine. Mainly you have to translate graphics/phyiscs and adapt the class magic a little bit …