CoreMidi/OSC support

Any plans on adding CoreMidi or OSC support in Codea? This would not only be useful for creating musical programs, since OSC is also used in other areas (I control my home automation with OSC messages).



Interesting idea. I mentioned CoreMIDI before, but there are other things I want first…

Been wanting the addition of core midi too. Fingers x’d

+1 for OSC - I was messing with using the iphone as an OSC remote for a photobooth app I did in OS X.

I’m in two minds about MIDI. On one hand, it would be interesting to experiment with, but on the other hand I’m not sure how we would get good use out of it without a way to get MIDI files in. A lot of the good MIDI apps use networking to transport MIDI data between devices.

I assume that networking will be available underneath, only accessable by the MIDI or OSC API.

I need CoreMidi too. I have many hardware synth.

How about sprites and export to xcode export fist…

@Fred you don’t need midi files or additional hardware. Using ‘Virtual Midi’ you can control for example a synthesizer app like ‘SampleWiz’ with another app like ‘Slide Control’ (some sort of virtual keyboard), ‘Genome Midi’ (a sequencer) or ‘sound cells’ (a generative app). Another example is to use it to control the flow of virtual midi itself like the ‘MidiBridge’ app. Each of these usecases would be perfect candidates to approach with a CoreMidi aware Codea!

@Zoyt You could argue that CoreMidi support opens up the possibilities of Codea more than sprites would (although I wouldn’t mind having that too)

I’d leave it up to @TLL to decide what to implement first - they are the only ones in a position to know how much work and time it’ll take, and how it fits into their current plans…

One can however try to influence that decision …

So we could use it to drive another app in the background which was listening to our MIDI messages? That would be fun. I wonder what our API would look like?

Hypothetical question: if TLL added OSC support at some future point could we use our iPhones as an extra interface? As game / simulation / presentation controllers?

a Codea CoreMIDI API would allow us to build touch based MIDI interactive (prepared to receive CC feedback) controllers, on top of everything in-between, like sequencers, arpeggiators, or generative controllers using Lua scripting.

I guess Codea (Lua) with CoreMIDI would allow a more customizable experience on this area than the current available MIDI controller (native iOS) apps, IMHO.

Just my thoughts as a musician and using my iPad as a tool and instrument in a studio… being able to design and code my own midi controllers / instruments would be fantastic in Codea. I have no idea how complex this may be in Codea / Lua - being a noob and having a background with Processing but I believe a lot could be done with OSC and CoreMidi integration and that it will highly likely attract attention and create a wider alternative user base from what I read on the forum here. The positives far out weigh any reason not to implement this, especially in light of recent advances and capabilities with iOS based music creation apps.
@TLL - Please, please, please implement these features!

If you really want to, the Codea runtime library is open source, so feel free to add this functionality yourself.

@Herwig @Koshdukai @jasl @Fred are you guys familiar with the CoreMIDI framework? If so, can you think of a simple API design that might work to expose CoreMIDI through Codea?

While I am familiar with the MIDI format, I am not familiar with MIDI interfaces and device connections — so I can’t do the hard work and design an API that represents all the functionality and power you need to work with MIDI devices while retaining the Codea API style.

If you can propose an interface, I will seriously look at implementing it into the Codea runtime atop CoreMIDI.

Was that a joke? looking at the date CoreMIDI implementation sounds awesome. Hope you can pull it off. I’m really looking forward to what this app will become, while learning lua-programming fast.

Hi @Simeon, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve had time to use Codea… but a MIDI API would be very cool. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience using MIDI pragmatically, only though existing software… I’ll read up on CoreMIDI.